Type-safe library for work with Telegram Bot API
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TelegramBotAPI Maven Central Supported version

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Useful repos Create bot Examples
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Platforms JVM Js
Experimental Platforms Linux x64 MinGW x64

Hello! This is a set of libraries for working with Telegram Bot API.


There are several things you need to do to launch examples below:

  • Add mavenCentral() to your project repositories
  • Add dependency implementation "dev.inmo:tgbotapi:$tgbotapi_version"
    • Replace tgbotapi_version with exact version (see last one in the table above) or put variable with this name in project
    • Alternative variant for maven here

More including instructions available here. Other configuration examples:

Most common example

suspend fun main() {
  val bot = telegramBot(TOKEN)

  bot.buildBehaviourWithLongPolling {
    onCommand("start") {
      reply(it, "Hi:)")

In this example you will see information about this bot at the moment of starting and answer with Hi:) every time it gets message /start

Handling only last messages

suspend fun main() {
  val bot = telegramBot(TOKEN)

  val flowsUpdatesFilter = FlowsUpdatesFilter()
  bot.buildBehaviour(flowUpdatesFilter = flowsUpdatesFilter) {
    onCommand("start") {
      reply(it, "Hi:)")


The main difference with the previous example is that bot will get only last updates (accumulated before bot launch and maybe some updates it got after launch)

Build a little bit more complex behaviour

suspend fun main() {
  val bot = telegramBot(TOKEN)

  bot.buildBehaviourWithLongPolling {

    val nameReplyMarkup = ReplyKeyboardMarkup(
      matrix {
        row {
    onCommand("start") {
      val photo = waitPhoto(
        SendTextMessage(it.chat.id, "Send me your photo please")

      val name = waitText(
          "Send me your name or choose \"nope\"",
          replyMarkup = nameReplyMarkup
      ).first().text.takeIf { it != "nope" }

        entities = buildEntities {
          if (name != null) regular(name) // may be collapsed up to name ?.let(::regular)

More examples

You may find examples in this project. Besides, you are always welcome in our bookstack and chat.