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# Contributing
In case you wish to contribute this project, there are several small things you must remember:
* Give maintainers opportunity to manage your Pull request. It is required for two reasons
* For more efficient Pull Requests handling (it is much easier for me to fix something small directly in your pull request than ask to fix some small things after each review)
* Usually, you will set as a target `master` branch, but I prefer to include code into separated version branch firstly. So, if you will give me opporunity to change Pull Request, I will be available to change base branch
* Currently in Pull Requests there are several bots. The most important is Travis bot and it must always successfuly build code from your Pull Request
This project was built on the idea of strongly-typed declaration of TelegramBotAPI. So, do not worry if maintaners will change your pull requests: you are already cool because you have contributed this project:)