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PlaguBot Bot Template

  1. Update your dependencies in gradle/libs.versions.toml, and don't forget to mention them in depdendencies { ... } block of build.gradle if you add new ones. Usually in gradle projects/readmes developers define names of their dependencies
  2. Edit config. The main points (full list of parameters with explanation):
    • Change database section
    • Change bot token
    • Change list of plugins:
      • Field type - it is name of the plugin provided by developer/dependency
      • Other fields are parameters of plugin and must be provided directly
      • Example is available in the example section: here Hello is name of plugin and parameter is its configuration parameter
    • Change params:
      • Any key here will be available in plugins as name of param
      • Any value must contains:
        • type to detect which one object to instantiate
        • Other type parameters
      • You may look into example related to database in config: defaultDatabase is easily available in plugins as params.database extension

How to launch

There are two main ways to launch it:

  • Run ./gradlew build && ./gradlew run --args="PATH_TO_YOUR_CONFIG" with replacing of PATH_TO_YOUR_CONFIG
  • Run ./gradlew build and get zip of bot and unarchive it somewhere you need. In this archive there is an executable files bot.bat (for windows) and bot (for linux) by the path inside of archive /bot/bin. After unarchiving you can just launch executable file with one argument: path to the config