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This is a library with collection of tools for working in Kotlin environment. First of all, this library collection is oriented to use next technologies:

Android environment

You always can look at the properties file to get information about current project dependencies, compile and build tools for Android target.


  • common contains common tools for platform which usually are absent out-of-the-box when you starting project
  • selector contains tools to use Selector interface with things like RecyclerView in android or other selection needs
  • coroutines is a module for Kotlin Coroutines with different things like subscribing on flows (onEach + launchIn shortcut :) )
  • ktor is a set of modules for clients and servers
  • mime_types is NOT lightweight set of MimeTypes with a lot of different objected and serializable (with Kotlin Serialization) mime types
  • pagination is a complex of modules (explanation in Complex modules structure section) for lightweight pagination
  • serialization is a collection of projects with serializers for kotlinx.serialization
  • repos is a complex of modules (explanation in Complex modules structure section) for KeyValue/OneToMany/CRUD repos created to be able to exclude some heavy dependencies when you need some simple and lightweight typical repositories

Complex modules structure

Most of complex modules are built with next hierarchy:

  • common submodule for API things which are common for all platforms
  • exposed submodule contains realizations for exposed tables
  • ktor submodule is usually unavailable directly, because it contains its own submodules for clients and servers
    • common part contains routes which are common for clients and servers
    • client submodule contains clients which are usually using UnifiedRequester to make requests using routes from ktor/common module and some internal logic of requests
    • server submodule (in most cases JVM-only) contains some extensions for Route instances which usually will give opportunity to proxy internet requests from ktor/client realization to some proxy object