Updated 7 months ago

Kotlin/JS bindings and tools for JS UIKit library

Updated 2 days ago

This project contains libraries built around TelegramBotAPI library

Updated 1 week ago

You can use this bot for several things like union of users, simplification of bots commands and others

Updated 2 months ago

This repository contains several examples of simple bots which are using TelegramBotAPI

Updated 1 day ago

Library for using Crontab-like syntax in scheduling of some Kotlin Coroutines tasks to do from time to time

Updated 1 month ago

It is template for multiplatform project which you can use for simple start of your own library

Updated 1 month ago

It is simple builder of gradle scripts for publication of Kotlin Multiplatform/Kotlin JVM/Java applications to MavenCentral and other target repositories

Updated 2 months ago

Template for simple creating of bot based on PlaguBot (https://insanusmokrassar.github.io/PlaguBot/)

Updated 3 weeks ago

Simple dependency injection, based on KotlinSerialization

Updated 1 year ago