Kotlin/JS bindings and tools for JS UIKit library
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JSUIKit Kotlin

Hello :) This library is a wrapper for JavaScript/CSS UIKit framework. It uses the same structure as in UIKit Docs and in most cases you may use it.

The main target of this wrapper is a JetBrains Compose JS and will be useful for you in case you are using it too.

How to include

Last version: Maven Central

implementation "dev.inmo:kjsuikit:$kjsuikit_version"

THIS LIBRARY DO NOT ADD ANY JS OR CSS. So, you must download and include UIKit js/css by yourself. See UIKit installation instructions

How to use

In this library there are two main entities:

  • Builder functions - buttons, spinners, icons, grids, etc.
  • Modifiers - UIKitAlign, UIKitAnimation, etc.

For example, if you want to add table in your html, you will use next code:

    listOf("Heading 1", "Heading 2", "Heading 3"),
    data, // SnapshotStateList<T>
    UIKitTable.Divider // modifier, add dividers
) { i, item -> // i - number of heading, item - item from data; composable callback
    when (i) {
        0 -> Text(item.toString())
        1 -> Text("data 2")
        2 -> Text("data 3")